Meet Rosie L.


This Filipina is the mother of seven and is married to a welder with no permanent income. Much like her husband, Rosie’s work as a seamstress is come and go, and does not provide a stable wage to provide for her family’s needs.

With Christmas fast-approaching and little work from her job, Rosie was thankful when she learned of the opportunity to sew products out of recycled coffee bags for Work of Your Hand.

Rosie only worked with us for a short season, but because of the income she earned from her sewing, Rosie could afford to pay off her debts, new clothes for her children, and food for the holiday celebrations.

We rejoice with Rosie that her dreams of providing for her family—and more—have come true. Thank you for partnering with artisans like Rosie and for changing lives, one purchase at a time.