Chie G

This Filipina woman is a single mother with three children. When her and her husband separated, Chie began working in a bar to provide for her family. In that bar, Chie seduced men and earned money through prostitution.

She told us that those relationships made her feel loved for a short time, but always left her feeling broken-hearted.

That’s when Chie was connected with our partner in the Philippines. The young woman was welcomed into their program, which works with women caught in prostitution and helps provide them with dignified employment, as well as emotional and spiritual care.

At first, Chie began attending our partner’s bible study, though she didn’t want to be identified as a “bar girl” by her neighbours.

“I didn’t realize this was the start of a changed life,” Chie told us. She soon joined our partner’s project more fully and learned how to make jewelry, which was then purchased by Work of Your Hand to provide Chie with a steady income.

“I became productive and was able to earn money in a dignified manner,” Chie said. “This helped me regain my sense of self-worth and realize that I am loved by God.”

We are grateful that we shared a season of life with Chie. Although she has moved on to different employment, we pray that Chie will use the skills she learned and the healing she received through our time together to have a more dignified, hope-filled life for her and her three children.

Please pray for Chie, as her history of exploitation and poverty makes her a very vulnerable person in the Philippines. May God protect her and guide her path.

Chie G