Vision Statement

A just world where the poor have dignified work and whose communities are transformed by the love of Jesus.”

Mission Statement

To relieve poverty, to seek justice, mercy, compassion, and the grace of Jesus Christ made known in countries other than Canada and in so doing, to care for the poor, the orphan, the widow and the persecuted, as those concepts are understood in the Bible.”

Work of Your Hand is a Christian faith-based organization that seeks to alleviate poverty in developing nations by working with the underprivileged and marginalized to help them regain hope, dignity, and self-worth, and a recognition that they are created in God’s image.

Mission Statement2

Statement of Purpose

Purchasing with awareness to help alleviate poverty

The purpose of Work of Your Hand is to glorify God, by helping underprivileged and marginalized people in developing nations find hope and gain dignity, through meaningful work that pays a fair wage and enables them to provide for their families. Work of Your Hand believes “trade more than aid” will help alleviate poverty. Therefore, we purchase products from developing nations for fair wages, then import and sell these products in international markets.

Proceeds from sales are reinvested into more products, with the intent of creating a growing stream of demand and ongoing employment for the artisans.

Our goal is to provide markets for the work of artisans in developing nations, as well as to help with education, vocational training and health care. We do this through creating social enterprise businesses focused on providing on the job training as well as developing partnerships with other Christian ministries, and connecting our artisans with them.

The goal of Work of Your Hand, in market locations like Canada, is to raise awareness of the plight of the poor, by sharing the stories of individual artisans and by providing avenues to get involved. Each product that Work of Your Hand orders and sells is labeled with the name of the artisan that made it. Through a link on our website, the artisan’s story is told. We then invite others who want to make a difference to support financially or travel overseas to meet, train and care for the poor and marginalized artisans who are struggling to get out of poverty.

Work of Your Hand believes that by working together we can help eradicate poverty and create sustainable development. We hope that those in first world nations recognize that purchasing with awareness and helping with social enterprise businesses can change lives and help alleviate poverty.

Statement of Purpose2

Statement of Faith

Purchasing with awareness to help alleviate poverty

We believe in the triune God, who has revealed himself through his infallible and inerrant Word. We believe that God is pure & perfect, just, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Not only did he create all things, he is still ‘upholding’ the ways of the universe. We believe that God created humans in his image and that he desires a personal, loving relationship with us. All humans have sinned and that sin separates us from God and taints every part of us.

We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin birth, was totally human and totally God. By his death and resurrection our sins are forgiven and once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, our lives will be redeemed, sanctified and our relationship with God the Father restored. He ascended into Heaven and will come back to bring all who believe. Those that do not believe will go to Hell.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, as part of the Godhead who was sent to be our counselor and illuminate our minds with the truth of God. We believe that as members of the body of believers we are to work in unity, strive for holiness and be bearers of the gospel.

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