The second youngest of eight children, Dyla comes from a family that cannot afford food, clothes, nor school fees. She shared our story with us, and we have translated it for you to read:

My name is Dyla and I am 16 years old. I am in grade 7. I have 8 siblings. I am the sixth daughter.

My oldest brother died in 2010 because he has intestinal cancer and because my family is so poor, we couldn’t bring him to the hospital for treatment.

My other three siblings are married and they live in different places. There are only five of us and my fifth sister has a job to do to support the family. She quit her schooling when she was in the sixth grade. There are only four of us who are still in school.

My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. My father and sister earn money to support the family. But it is still not enough for food, clothes and school fees. Sometimes we eat only rice.

I don’t even have nice clothes to wear for special celebrations such as Khmer New Year and some other events, because my father does not have money to buy them for me. However, I always hope that I will graduate and get a job in order to support my family.

Sometimes I pray with my tears and feel so pitiful about my family.

But I always keep smiling just because I knew that Jesus is my strength and hope. I really hope that I am going to take English literature course in university.