This strong Cambodian woman was just 17 years old when the Khmer Rouge regime murdered as many as 3 million people in her country. Those who survived, like DiMany, were forced to work grueling 16 hour days in the fields, with little rest and food.

The young girl witnessed horrific acts of war and genocide.

“I lived so hopeless in my old life,” DiMany told us.

Since the genocide, DiMany has had a son and has also come to know the Lord. And though her life has been difficult, DiMany finds strength in God.

“After I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, I don’t worry about anything anymore,” DiMany said. “I know for sure that I have everything that God’s given me.”

DiMany is part of our Greeting Card project in Cambodia, and is a leader amongst our artisans. Thank you for changing lives like DiMany’s, one purchase at a time.