Jackie B

Jackie grew up in the Philippines and is one of seven children—all of whom have different fathers. Her mother has worked in the sex trafficking industry for over 20 years and manages sex workers.

Jackie has two older sisters and both became sex workers when they were teenagers. When they discovered the realities of sex trafficking, they fought to spare their younger sister from that suffering.

Thankfully, when Jackie was 16 years old, she was discovered by a ministry centre that helps Filipina women at risk or caught in the sex trade. Jackie was able to move away from home into the centre, so that she could distance herself from her mother.

The young woman lived at the ministry centre for five years and learned how to make greeting cards, as well as jewelry.

“I have learned so much about arts and crafts,” Jackie told us. “Because I am representing someone else, I have to maintain a high standard, and I am very pleased with the final product.”

Jackie has a son, and has found that dignified employment has equipped her to be a better mother.

“This project provides me with more finances to support my baby,” she told us.

Jackie highly values family and often prays that her mother will experience the same change that she has. Jackie and her siblings continue to pray for transformation.

In 2013, one of Jackie’s older sisters was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Thankfully, our partner was able to pay for the sister’s stay in a hospice, where she sadly passed away. She was just 26-years-old, and left behind a husband and two children.

Please continue to pray for Jackie and her family as they grieve their loss.

Over recent years, the young woman has moved away from the ministry centre, though she has continued to use her skills to make beautiful, handmade jewelry. Our partner purchases Jackie’s creations and sells them to Work of Your Hand—and we sell them in North America to people like you!

Thank you for partnering with us to help Jackie provide for her son and live with dignity.

“Whenever I make jewelry, I feel joy,” the young woman told us. “I imagine that each of the small beads represents my life, which is full of trials. Others may see my life like the beads, which have not been put together yet.”

“But I know that in God’s sight, I am complete. All that I have gone through in life, including the trials, have resulted in something beautiful in my life.”Click here to see jewelry that Jackie helped create.

Jackie B