Jerry P

The second youngest of eight children. Jerry grew up in poverty in the Philippines and watched his widowed mother work hard to provide for her family by cleaning laundry.

Jerry must have learned his work ethic from her.

Today, the young man attends our partner church, where he began prepping work orders for Work of Your Hand in exchange for a fair wage. Jerry originally prepared juice bags to be sewn into bags, tags, and wallets.  Later, he learned how to make beaded jewelry products out of recycled paper and has continued to develop that skill.

In 2012, we were excited to learn that Jerry got married and has since started a family. He, along with his wife Karin, now provide for their child by sewing bags for Work of Your Hand.

In the years since we met Jerry, we’ve witnessed his work ethic time and again.

Once, we visited his community during the rainy season and learned that Jerry’s church floods seven times every year; because Jerry lives near the church, the young man watches the rising flood waters and ensures the equipment in the church is high out of water’s reach—all because of his commitment to his community.

We are happy to count Jerry as one of our team at Work of Your Hand, and are also grateful for people like you. Thank you for your commitment to Jerry: you are changing lives, one purchase at a time.

Jerry P