Jenibe P

“Angelito and I work together to overcome life’s difficulties because we know that our kids are our treasures,” Jenibe told us.

Before she joined our team at Work of Your Hand, the Filipina and her husband Angelito struggled to make ends meet because of how little income they earned from their work. The couple was often tempted to work in an undignified manner for the sake of their three kids.

“Our children are smart,” Jenibe told us. “Sometimes we cannot provide for their needs, so we talk to them about our situation and they understand.”

Then the Filipina mother began sewing bags made out of recycled materials for Work of Your Hand. Whereas before, she could not afford food to feed her children, Jenibe’s wage allowed her to provide for her family’s needs.

But sadly, a lack of dignified employment was not the only obstacle Jenibe and Angelito faced—as is the case with millions of impoverished people worldwide.

Because Jenibe could not find affordable childcare for her children, she was forced to stop sewing for Work of Your Hand. We are grieved that such obstacles exist to parents who simply want to give their children the best upbringing they possibly can, and we are committed to creating a more just world where people in poverty have equal opportunity.

We are thankful that we met Jenibe and her family, and were blessed by her love for her children. Please join us in praying that God will provide for this family’s needs and for all those who face obstacles to employment around the world.

“We live a simple life,” Jenibe told us, “and we are grateful for whatever blessings we receive.”

Jenibe P