At first, life was affordable for Gemma and her husband. Her work as a seamstress and her husband’s job as a security guard helped them meet the needs of their seven children.

But when the Filipino family moved and their children reached school age, their troubles began.

Gemma had to stop working to care for her many children and her husband’s income wasn’t enough to pay the bills.

Soon enough, the family was subjected to frequent periods without food, electricity, clean water, or funds to pay for the children’s school tuition.

The family suffered—until Gemma began working as a seamstress, sewing juice bags for Work of Your Hand.

With the income she earned, the wife and mother was able to better support her family. Her wages also helped Gemma open a restaurant stand in her community, which allowed her to not only provide for her family, but to also do what she enjoys for work!

We are thankful to have worked with Gemma for a time and to see her family have their basic needs met.Thank you for partnering with women like Gemma. Click here to check out our juice bag products and join us in changing lives, one purchase at a time.