Evelyn A

When Evelyn was 46 years old, her husband died and she was left a widow and mother of four. Thankfully, the Filipina worked for a cooperative that sewed handicrafts, which allowed Evelyn to provide for her family.

After a time, however, the work slowed at the cooperative and suddenly, Evelyn found herself without an income. That’s when she heard of Work of Your Hand.

Already equipped as a skilled seamstress, Evelyn began sewing totes out of recycled coffee bags.

“The coffee bag project was a blessing to me,” she told us. “The project helped us meet our daily needs and supported us financially.”

Evelyn was able to not only pay her monthly bills, but also to make payments several months in advance—while still saving some money for her family.

“I was so happy that I could give presents to my grandchildren last Christmas season, and share my blessings with my children and grandchildren,” Evelyn told us.

Since 2011, Evelyn has moved on to different employment. We are grateful for the time we had together and wish her all the best!

Evelyn A