“Be” is the Cambodian word for “#3”—and it’s also the name of an impoverished teenager who was the third child born to her struggling family.

When we met Be, she lived with her parents in a Cambodian slum with no running water or toilets. Her father and older brother collected recyclable materials to support their family, and for a time, Be helped. The young girl had no education, which translates into little opportunity to escape the poverty cycle that she and her family are trapped in.

Thankfully, one of our partners in Cambodia met Be and taught her how to make greeting cards, which Work of Your Hand then purchased to provide Be and her family with an income.

Our hope is that the skill will also open doors of opportunity for Be in the future.

The teenager also began to attend a Christian school during her time with us, where she learned about Jesus and His love for her. We praise God that Be chose to put her faith in Him.

In 2014, Be moved away from her family and is no longer making greeting cards for Work of Your Hand.

Please pray for Be’s safety, as her gender, age, and income level make her very vulnerable in Cambodia. Our hope is that Be can use the skill of card-making to provide for herself, and we pray that God will protect her along the way.