Beth B

This young mother worked as a seamstress in the Philippines for many years, but had to quit working when she had two children. Suddenly, her husband’s construction job—which paid $9 a day—wasn’t making ends meet for their family.

Then Beth’s local church connected us with Beth.

The young woman began to sew bags for Work of Your Hand, and she was surprised by how much money she made through her work.

First, Beth and her husband saved to pay their bills. Then, they were able to use her income to replace their dirt floor with concrete. In an area that floods six to eight times a year, that change made their home a safer and healthier place to live.

When we visited Beth again in 2011, she showed us more of the renovations they did around their home. They had fixed their roof and raised their ceiling, which not only helps them stay dry during the torrential downpours of the wet season, but also helped with air flow during the sweltering dry season.

Overall, Beth’s income greatly improved her family’s quality of life.

Sadly, in 2012, the young woman moved on to different employment. Like countless other Filipinos, Beth moved overseas to work as a house helper and will be separated from her family for years in order to provide for them.

Why are we sad, you may ask?

At Work of Your Hand, our vision is to create a world where parents don’t have to separate from their children, nor spouses from their husbands and wives to make ends meet. Our goal is to create a fair world where anyone can access dignified employment, in any country.

Please remember Beth in your prayers as she works to help her family. And please join us in changing lives, one purchase at a time.

Beth B