Meet Nida Dela C.


This Filipina grandmother and her husband work hard to provide for their four children and six grandchildren. But because Nida’s husband only makes a small income with his construction work, Nida has to work all the harder to make ends meet.

Their son’s death several years ago was not only tragic, but also put more pressure on the grandparents to help provide for their daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Thankfully, Nida’s sewing skills allowed her to join our team of artisans in the Philippines, where she sewed bags from recycled materials. The income we earned from selling Nida’s bags in North America allowed us to provide her with a fair wage.

And in turn, that money helped Nida support her family.

In recent years, Nida has moved on to different employment and no longer sews for Work of Your Hand. Our prayer is that she will continue to find job opportunities that will lessen the financial stress on her family and pay her the wage she deserves.

Thank you for partnering with artisans like Nida and their families; you are changing lives, one purchase at a time.