Meet Bpok

This Cambodian woman was born and raised in the garbage community. During the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s, Bpok’s father was killed. Thankfully, her mother survived.

Bpok only has a third grade education and scavenges through garbage for as little as 75¢ a day, while her husband cares for their five cows. Like so many impoverished Cambodians, their income is not enough to pay for their family’s critical needs.

That’s why Bpok’s children only have a grade seven education and now work in construction—a dangerous and low-paying job.

The cycle of poverty in Cambodia is difficult to escape. That’s why we’re partnering with Bpok and her family.

Through our partnership with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), we are providing Bpok with the resources and training she needs to make greeting cards. The cards are handmade in her village, surrounded by children, pigs, cows, and more!

Then, through Work of Your Hand, we order and purchase those cards to be shipped and sold in North America. The income from sales create a reliable, steady income that can supplement what Bpok and her husband earn to provide for their family.

Thank you for partnering with women like Bpok. Your purchases are changing lives, one purchase at a time. Click here to learn more about the cards that are made in Bpok’s village and to purchase an order.