Meet Azon B.

Azon is a Filipino mother who is married with three children. Her husband works at a factory earning $10 a day, and though Azon used to work at a factory as well, she had to stop to care for their children. Together, the couple’s income wasn’t making ends meet.

Then, Azon’s local church invited her to sew bags for Work of Your Hand.

Azon was grateful, because she could work from home and be near her children. The mother’s wage also provided for her teenagers’ high school and college educations, believe it or not!

In 2012, Azon’s daughter graduated from college as an accountant—all because of her mother’s support. Now, the family will have another reliable source of income and even more hope for the future.

If that’s not enough, Azon’s income also pays for their family’s monthly bills, and has allowed them to build a new home.

In 2013, Azon and her oldest son came to know the Lord at their local church. We praise God that they’ve discovered the One who created them, and the God who has declared them worthy of dignity and hope.

Thank you for partnering with women like Azon. Your support of Work of Your Hand is changing lives, one purchase at a time.