There are several ways to donate to Work of Your Hand.  Please choose from the list below:




Cambodia Projects

Donate Monthly

 Cambodia is a country with a dark and painful past that it is trying to recover from. Work of Your Hand is helping to bring a message of Hope and Good News while also bringing economic solutions for those who are struggling to survive.  Your donation will be used for projects that help impact the future of this country and these beautiful people.

Alpha Cambodia

Donate Monthly

Alpha is a program we are using in Cambodia as part of the goal for Spiritual Formation.  For those who don’t know who Jesus is, this program has been translated to the Cambodian language and is being used to reach a new generation of young and old.

Centre for Vocational Transformation Communities (CVTC)

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The Centre for Vocational Transformation Communities is a holistic program focused on the intersection of Community Development, Skills Development and Spiritual Formation Training to help communities transform.  The followup apprenticeship program then equips Servant Leaders to take light into the dark economic marketplaces while providing for a sustainable future.

Handicraft Projects

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Handicraft Projects are part of the CVTC (above) and are geared for communities with a low skill capacity – to provide opportunities to build relationships with impoverished communities and lead them to higher level training in the future.

 Where Most Needed

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Work of Your Hand is focused on supporting a just world where the poor have dignified work and whose communities are transformed by the love of Jesus.

 Donate Air Canada Aeroplan Miles

Beyond Miles

Work of Your Hand travels to the communities it works in to create community development programs.  This donation allows financial resources to go further.


You can also make out a cheque to: Work of Your Hand and send to:

Work of Your Hand
PO Box 68186 Crowfoot PO
Calgary, AB  T3G 3N8

Please include the following information with your cheque so we can send you a tax receipt or contact you with any questions:

Name, Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Phone Number, Email and designated fund from the list above.

Thank you!