Sewing Out of Poverty

Can you imagine the extreme poor breaking the chains of poverty, developing their skills, so they can feed their own families and keep their children in school?

CiDC has continued to grow, and has purchased land about the size of a football field. The vision behind this facility is to help as many impoverished ladies as possible find hope through Jesus and dignity through skills development. In doing so:

  • To build a sewing center that may have as many as 500 employees
  • To teach sewing or other vocational skills to local illiterate villagers who are unskilled and typically scavenged in the city garbage dump.
  • To further education on reading/writing, health, finances as well as morals and values and spiritual discipleship using the Bible through daily devotions.

We are extremely grateful for those who have contributed to the cause of helping the marginalized, allowing us to use the donations towards their freedom from poverty.

Would you prayerfully consider making a donation here to
positively impact a country that has suffered so much in the last 50 years

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