Meet Thao

  • Able to attend school and make cards for Work of Your Hand.

Thao is a 13 year old Vietnamese boy living in Cambodia. He is quite small for age. He lives with his mother in a slum with no running water or toilets. To support her family, his mother buys items from junk shops and then sells them for a higher price. Thao has siblings but all of them are living in a different place.

Thao is currently in grade 3 at a public school. Because of his family’s situation, he has to do something to make money for his family. He doesn’t have enough strength to work with his mother and pull a cart filled with items bought at the junk shops. Thankfully, a C&MA missionary taught him how to make greeting cards so that he can make money for his family and still be able to attend school. Thao is learning about Jesus and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. He really loves Jesus and he desires to serve him wholeheartedly.

Update July 2014

Thao found it hard to continue with school while trying to make income for his family.  He no longer makes greeting cards for us.  Please pray for Thao as he was vulnerable to male sex-trafficking.