Meet Molee


In her fifty years of life, Molee has lost three of her seven children. Life for the Hmong people, who live in the hill country of Laos, is marked by poverty and hardship—and Molee’s story is one we hear time and again.

Thankfully, our partner CAMACrafts has been empowering her with dignified employment and fair wages for over 20 years, and Molee’s hard work has allowed her to better provide for her family’s critical needs.

Since we met Molee, we have been amazed at her incredible skill with needle and thread. Each handicraft that she makes is painstakingly hand-sewn, a skill that has been handed down for generations as an expression of the Hmong people’s cultural identity.

We are honoured to be part of a community of people who are protecting culture and quality of life in Laos. And we are grateful that you’ve chosen to join Molee in changing lives, one purchase at a time.