Meet Michael F.

  • Lives in an area that floods 10 or more times a year. 

Michael is 22 years old and is the oldest of seven. His father passed away more than five years ago and since then he and his younger brother have had to help support their family.  His mother earns a living by washing laundry, and Michael started by cleaning houses and backyards.  Since then he has had to learn many different skills, such as doing construction and working with steel; unfortunately, the positions were temporary.  Because he lives in a garbage dump area, he also began collecting plastic and other recycled items to earn some income.

Michael has also earned income by preparing used juice packs as materials to have them made into bags, wallets and other up-cycled products for requests put in by Work of Your Hand International Development.  He also volunteers by cleaning the local church and receives an honorarium in return.  He is one of the pioneer leaders of the youth group and helps out as a musician and a singer on the worship team on Sundays.

  • How he got started in this livelihood project:

Several months ago, his church received training on how to create paper bead products and Michael grabbed the opportunity to learn the skill.  In November of 2011, WYH requested some paper bead products and he was very happy and eager to help fulfill the order.

  • August 2012 Update:

Michael loves to sing. He is part of the worship team and sang during the church anniversary that occurred while we were there. He also came to say goodbye on the last day of our visit and we all sang on the karaoke machine. However, Michael is no longer making paper bead jewelry. He has found a job as a full time painter.