Meet Michael F.


This young Filipino’s story is a testimony to the resilience and resourcefulness of people living in poverty.

When his father passed away, Michael began working to support his family. Full-time work wasn’t readily available, so the young man created a network of different jobs to make ends meet. He cleaned houses and backyards, worked construction, and collected plastic and other recyclable materials to earn an income.

Michael even volunteered as a janitor at his local church in the Philippines, where he not only earned an honorarium for his work, but also learned about employment opportunities through Work of Your Hand.

Tapping into that same resourceful spirit that helped Michael provide for his family, the young man quickly learned how to prepare recycled juice packs to be sewn into bags, wallets, bibs, and more. Later, Michael also became skilled at making paper bead jewelry as well.

At Work of Your Hand, we love partnering with and empowering people like Michael. That’s why we purchased the products he made and sold them in North America to help pay Michael fair wages.

Over the years, we have enjoyed getting to know the young man as a hard worker, a dedicated leader in his church youth group, and also a talented musician. We are also excited to report that Michael has found full time work as a painter, and no longer needs to juggle odd jobs alongside making handicrafts for Work of Your Hand.

We wish him all the best in his employment and are excited to see where life takes him.

Thank you for partnering with us to open doors of opportunity for Michael and to see lives change, one purchase at a time.