Meet Melchor V.


When a typhoon slammed Cebu province in the Philippines with destructive gale force winds and ocean waves for nearly a week straight, Melchor—along with his wife and children—suffered deeply.

“My family experienced starvation and was forced to skip meals because we didn’t have any food to eat,” Melchor later told us.

Because he worked as a fisherman, the Filipino was unable to provide an income or food for his family during the storm—until a work order came in from Work of Your Hand.

You see, Melchor was one of the artisans hired as part of our partner church’s livelihood project in the Philippines, where impoverished people are given dignified work for a fair wage to help them provide for themselves and their families.

Melchor was part of our partner’s wood working team for a time, which provided him with an alternative mode of income when disaster struck. Although he’s since moved on to different employment, we are thankful that we partnered with Melchor during a time of great need for his family.

Our prayer is that he will continue to find stable, fair work to help him and his family thrive.