Meet Melchor V.

  • The livelihood project means life for Melchor’s family.

In his thirties, Melchor is married and has six children.   He lives in a small fishing village just outside of Cebu City.  He, his wife, and children depend on his ability to fish or earn a living by creating wood products.

“The livelihood project that was started here almost one year ago brings grace and blessings to our home. This means life for my family because through it, we can eat even if there is a tropical storm.”

“I remember one time when there was a successive typhoon that struck the province of Cebu for almost a week. My family experienced starvation and was forced to skip meals because we didn’t have any food to eat. I was not able to go fishing because of the typhoon. But I thank the Lord because in the middle of the week, we got an order for wood products. This enabled me to buy food for my family.”

  • How he got started in this livelihood project:

Melchor is part of the Kalubihan Church, lead by Pastor Glemar Rada. When Pastor Glemar began the wood livelihood project, he had Melchor in mind.

Melchor dreams of improvements for his wood shop.  He would like to obtain some special tools like jigsaws and an air compressor that would provide jobs for others.

Also, he would like to renovate the small outside wood shop so he work when it rains, and so small children will not play on the equipment. He is afraid someday a child will get hurt.

Update July 2011

Unfortunately we have lost track of Melchor V. as he is no longer working with Work of Your Hand.