Meet Maywa H.


This young woman is in her twenties and lives in the hill country of Laos. Maywa has been making handicrafts for our partner organization, CAMACrafts, for eight years and is a very talented seamstress.

Each piece that we purchase from Maywa is painstakingly hand-sewn; equally amazing is the fact that Maywa not only earns a fair wage from her work, but at the same time is helping to preserve the traditional practices of her people, who have been doing beautiful needle work for hundreds of years as an expression of their cultural identity.

We are proud to help protect Maywa’s culture, as well as her and her family’s quality of life.

Thank you for empowering Maywa to have dignified, fair employment. We are grateful that you’ve joined a global movement of people who are changing lives like Maywa’s, one purchase at a time.