Meet Lily I.


This Indonesian, along with her husband Markus, has worked alongside Work of Your Hand for many years through beading—a process of making beautiful jewelry out of beads made from glass beads.

When Lily first began working with our partner in the Indonesia, they noticed that she and Markus had few necessities in their home, like soap, shampoo, cleaner, and other kitchen items.

But little by little, as the couple earned a fair wage for their work, they were able to fill their home and meet their basic needs.

Soon after they began working with our partner, five babies were born to the group of beading artisans. They were lovingly named “Bead Babies”.

“These babies are living a comfortable, healthy life because we have work beading,” Lily said. One of those babies was their very own, whom they named Sara.

Soon after, we were very sad to learn that Markus, Lily’s husband, had died from a heart condition. Thankfully, Lily still had reliable employment after the loss of her husband and many years later, one of his daughters works for our partner now, too.

We are thankful for Lily’s skill at beading, and we are also thankful for you—those who purchase our beaded jewelry in North America, which then provides an income to artisans like Lily.

Thank you partnering with Lily and for changing lives, one purchase at a time.