Meet Liesel C.


This Filipina woman lives near the garbage dump in Manila, the largest city in the Philippines, where she owns a little convenience store and sells food items like rice, cooking oil, sugar, and snacks.

Liesel operates her store from her home and it helps provide for her family; the income from her husband’s work as a security guard also helps the parents meet the needs of their two children.

At times when money is tight, Liesel also sews rags that she can then sell and earn $2 a day. In more difficult times, Liesel’s children have attended the neighbourhood feeding program because they couldn’t afford enough food at home.

We had the pleasure of meeting Liesel through her local church, which partners with us and equips artisans to sew bags from recycled materials—which Work of Your Hand then sells in North America to provide those artisans with a fair wage.

Liesel began sewing bags for us, and soon enough, her income—combined with her husband’s—was enough to provide for her family’s needs. The mother proudly reported that her children no longer attend the neighbourhood feeding program and are instead part of her church’s youth group.

We also learned that Liesel and her husband were able to afford a meal for Christmas Eve, as well as Christmas gifts for family and children in the neighbourhood, because of her income from Work of Your Hand.

Thank you for partnering with artisans like Liesel.

Because you purchase bags in North America, struggling families in the Philippines are eating nutritious food, can afford to provide for their needs (and even some special treats), and overall are leading more dignified lives.

We are grateful that you gave your financial support and your heart to help families like Liesel’s thrive.