Meet Liesel C.

  • Ran a “Sari-Sari” store to make some extra income.

Liesel is in her thirties and is the mother of two.  She lives in Payatas, the garbage dump area of Manila. However, she is fortunate as her husband is able to work as a security guard.  Liesel runs a sari-sari store which is a small convenience store (selling candy, rice, cooking oil, sugar, coffee, drinks) operating inside her house. The concept behind sari-sari is that items are sold in units instead of whole packages.  For example, for those who cannot afford to purchase a whole bag of sugar can purchase smaller quantities like 2 teaspoons.

However, Liesel didn’t always have extra income to run their store and so when that occurs she makes floor rags that earn approximately $2 dollars a day.

  • How she got started in this livelihood project:

Liesel and her family began actively attending the local church last year.  She had been a sewer for many years previously but had stopped when she got married.  During a small group Bible study, Evelyn (Pastor Julius’ wife) discovered she was a sewer and invited her to make some products that Work of Your Hand International Development was requesting in November 2011.  She was very grateful for the job that it provided and was able to purchase food for Christmas Eve, give out small gifts to loved ones and contribute at the school Christmas party.  They are hoping for more work.

  • August 2012 Update:

Liesel is one of newest artisans and it was good to meet her and get to know her a little better at the Artisans Feast as well as the church anniversary celebration. We look forward to getting to know her even better and helping her more with purchasing products made by her.

  • May 2013 Update:

Liesel is doing well and continues to help sew juice box and coffee bag products for WYH. She was proud to tell us that her daughter, who was once part of Payatas’ feeding program, is now serving with the local church and is part of the church’s youth group.