Meet Leonila E.

  • Sewing is her main source of income.

Leonila is in her sixties. She has five children; four of them are already married. Her husband was a construction worker, but has been unemployed for many years because of poor eye sight. Therefore, Leonila has to provide for her family through her skills in sewing.

This has been their main source of income.  However, she has not had work on a daily basis, so they often struggle financially.

  • How she got started in this livelihood project:

However in 2009, she became part of the Work of Your Hand sewing livelihood project at her local church. Having served as the church treasurer for eight years, she was well connected. According to Leonila, this livelihood project has been a big blessing to them because they’ve received a good income from it. Their financial struggles stop every time sewing orders come in, and in 2011, Leonila and her family were able to move out of the Payatas community and into a better home in a better area.

  • August 2012 Update:

Leonila was not feeling well when we came to visit. So she could not attend the Artisans Feast that WYH put on, nor the church anniversary celebration. We found out that she has asthma and that it had been bothering her for a month. So we went to visit her and it was easy to see that her breathing was laboured. Earlier that week we had learned of a missionary whose husband died of asthma. Such a preventable death! We left some funds for her to see a doctor but it seems like she is still suffering. Please pray for her.

  • May 2013 Update:

When we visited Leonila, we learned that she no longer has asthma! What an answer to prayer! However, she is still quite weak. Despite her weakness, she is a very talented seamstress, and sews the paneling on many of WYH’s juice box products. Please continue to pray for strength for Leonila!