Meet Joy A.

  • I was working in the bars of Malaysia when I encountered God.

Joy is married with children.  However, when one of her children acquired meningitis and could no longer walk, her husband left them and began womanizing.  Wanting to provide medical care for her child, she accepted jobs she described as not pleasing to God. It was when she was working in a degrading situation in the bars of Malaysia that she felt God calling her to return home, and she posted bail in order to leave the country.

  • How she got started in this livelihood project:

Upon arriving in the Philippines she was introduced to an organization that aids Filipino women caught in prostitution, just in time to be included in the livelihood project that Work of Your Hand had started. At that time, Joy and her children lived with her mother.

  • February 2010 Update:

Joy is still enjoying the sewing project. She has reunited with her husband and is starting to pick up the pieces of her family life. The coffee bag project is still helping provide for their everyday needs. Today, she is a trainer for the other women that the organization is helping. She is hopeful that the sewing project will continue as it provides ongoing provision for her family.

  • March 2011 Update:

Joy was not part of the program at the ministry at the time of Work of Your Hand’s visit in March partially because of the lack of work from the sewing project. However, the organization has lent Joy a sewing machine so that she could sew from home in the meanwhile.