Meet Josephine T.


 It is good when others buy our jewelry because they will remember the woman who made it… in spite of what she has gone through in life, she can learn to do something beautiful.  I dream of becoming a jewelry designer someday. I also want to see other parts of the world. That’s what I am dreaming of.  I hope it happens.

“I grew up in Quezon City. As the eldest of four siblings I was expected to help provide for the rest of my family. I lived with them until about a year ago, when I moved out to live with my boyfriend.

My manager, where I worked as a pick-up girl, introduced me to a ministry for Filipino women caught in prostitution in 2001. I went to the organization during the day and worked as a pick-up girl one night a week in order to make more money. After six months I realized that life is better at the organization, and I completely quit my other job. However, my manager’s desire for immediate income prohibited her from seeing the benefits of dignified work, and she refused to stop working as a pick-up girl. It takes a lot of perseverance and courage to change.”

How she has changed:

Josephine found the organization intimidating at first, and was nervous about counselling sessions with the staff. However as she spent more time there, she saw many blessings and was thankful. The training, seminars and work on livelihood projects kept her busy and helped her to forget her previous life. “I take the training seriously so that I can realize my dreams. So far, I have been able to use all the training I’ve received. I hope to go back to school to become a fashion and jewellery designer. I realize that I have something in me that others can’t do – I have a unique gift.”

Work of Your Hand is happy to be able to purchase some of the jewellery that was made by Josephine.

August 2012 Update:

Josephine makes many of the jewellery pieces for Work of Your Hand. Despite her difficult past, she has a joyful disposition and a lot of hope because of these opportunities. Thank you for helping support women like Josephine through purchasing jewellery!

 May 2013 Update:

Josephine is now designing jewelry for WYH! She is very passionate about her work, and says, “Whenever I make jewelry, I imagine the person who will wear it. As I look at the beautiful beads, I also imagine what a Canadian woman would wear it with and how it would look on them.” Check out some of the pieces that Josephine has designed below!