Statement of Purpose


Purchasing with awareness to help alleviate poverty

The purpose of Work of Your Hand is to glorify God, by helping underprivileged and marginalized people in developing nations find hope and gain dignity, through meaningful work that pays a fair wage and enables them to provide for their families. Work of Your Hand believes “trade more than aid” will help alleviate poverty. Therefore, we purchase products from developing nations for fair wages, then import and sell these products in international markets.

Proceeds from sales are reinvested into more products, with the intent of creating a growing stream of demand and ongoing employment for the artisans.

Our long term goal is to provide markets for the work of artisans in developing nations, as well as to help with education, vocational training and health care. We do this through developing partnerships with Christian ministries, and connecting our artisans with them.

The long term goal of Work of Your Hand, in market locations like Canada, is to raise awareness of the plight of the poor, by sharing the stories of individual artisans. Each product that Work of Your Hand orders and sells is labeled with the name of the artisan that made it. Through a link on our website, the artisan’s story is told. Work of Your Hand hopes this will help those in first world nations recognize that purchasing with awareness can change lives and help alleviate poverty.