Meet Thu

  • Receiving an education & being equipped as a servant of God.

Thu is a 13 year old Vietnamese girl who lives with her parents and 3 siblings in Cambodia. They live in a slum with no running water or toilets. Her father and her oldest brother work all day collecting items that can be recycled or sold. Thu’s mother used to force her to work in a coffee shop that was a front for a brothel. A local ministry was able to get Thu out of the coffee shop and now provides her with a Christian education. In her spare time, Thu makes greeting cards to earn an income for her family so that she can stay in school, and not be forced to work as a prostitute. More importantly, Thu learned about Jesus and accepted Him as her personal Savior. Thu dreams of becoming a teacher in order to help unfortunate children and desires to continue serving God.

  • Update July 2014

Thankfully Thu (now 15 years old) was able to help make greeting cards this year as well!  Her year has been difficult as her parents split up and both sides fought to be the first to sell her virginity to a brothel.  However, God has protected her and she is still attending school!