Meet Thea

This 25-year-old Cambodian is no stranger to loss. When she was just 14 years old, Thea’s mother died. Her father later remarried and moved into his new wife’s home, abandoning Thea at a young age to care for three younger siblings alone.

Thea lives in a rural village in Cambodia, where there is little opportunity for employment, nor enough income to relocate.

This last summer, the young woman also had a baby! That’s why we think it’s so critical that we provide Thea with a steady, reliable income.

In partnership with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, we are working with Thea and others in her rural village to provide the training and resources they need to make and sell cards.

Then, Work of Your Hand purchases those cards and sells them in North America for profit—which translates into an income that can pay for families’ critical needs.

Thank you for partnering with women like Thea. Your support is changing lives, one purchase at a time. Click here to learn more about the cards that are made in Thea’s village, and to purchase an order.