Meet Sarah R.

  • Saved enough money to start a business venture.

Sarah is in her fifties and lives in the Philippines. She has 6 children, one husband, and one God. Desperate to finish high school, she worked as a helper in several households. After graduation, she went to Cebu to learn how to sew and in 1981, became a sewer for Kingsmill Tailoring. She married her husband, a small scale carpenter, who was afraid of being a construction worker because of accidents. Therefore, even after getting married, she continued to weaves nipa palms leaves and sew.

Today, sewing is her main occupation, and the family’s main source of income. Through it, she was able to save enough money to buy a sewing machine, and have enough capital to start a small convenience store. She considers this a true blessing from the Lord. If her business does well, she will be able to help her children pursue their dreams of going to university, the way she tried to pursue hers when she was still single. She can also build a better house for them to live in a healthier environment.

  • How she got started in this livelihood project:

Sarah is the mother to Pastor Glemar, who did quality control work for Ginapadala International. She is the leader of the group of sewers in her region. When Work of Your Hand places a large order through Ginapadala, she sews many of the products. This allows her to save some money and helps her get closer to her goals.

Update July 2011

Unfortunately we have lost track of Sarah R. as she is no longer working with Work of Your Hand.