Meet Saki

Saki is a 15-year-old girl who offered to quit school and find a job in order to help her parents carry their financial burden. Her parents encouraged her to stay in school and complete her diploma.

My name is Saki and I am 15 years old. I have two siblings and we all are Christians. We believe in Jesus for three years now, but my parents do not believe in Jesus yet. The three of us go to church every Sunday. My father works every day because he is the one who earns money to support the whole family. My mother is a basket weaver, but she can’t make enough money weaving baskets to support my whole family. That is the reason why mother now has to force herself to work as a construction worker in the city. Even though my mother works really hard, she still can’t support our family. That is also the reason why my older brother and I had decided to quit our studies and work instead so that we can help ease the burdens of the family. However, my parents didn’t allow us to do that. They said that even though they are facing hard times, they would both try hard to support us. I almost cried when I heard this. But I tried not to cry because of the hope that I have in the Lord Jesus. I also believe that he is the one who wipes all the tears that I have. He is the helper who helps those who need him. I hope that the Lord God will bless my family and provide for all my needs.