Meet Rosario O.

  • Wants to mobilize others by teaching them how to sew.

Rose, a native of Cebu, has a heart to help others by teaching them how to sew.

Being a wife of a military man, Rose was transferred to multiple islands within the Philippines:  Binan, Laguna, Luzon.  In each of those areas, she worked for five different factories.

In the early years of her marriage, Rose had a business in Palawan buying and selling dry goods in Manila.  They returned to Cebu when she was 40 years old, because her mother suffered a heart attack. However, lack of work forced them to return to Manila.

  • How she got started in this livelihood project:

Today she is back living in Cebu and has moved to the graveyard community of Lorega. Through her friendship with Ate Glee, she became one of the sewers who received work through Ginapadala International. Within two years, she was able to buy a sewing machine and is now willing to make customized orders.

“It helped me a lot because it provided money for my child to go to school to take a two-year Computer Technician course; she just graduated this month.” Rose said.

Update July 2011

Unfortunately we have lost track of Rosario O. as he is no longer working with Work of Your Hand.