Meet Rosalia N.

  • Willing to sew.

Rosalia is 60 years old. She has been married twice; her first husband died and she is now separated from her second husband. She has 5 children. She is currently living with one of her children in Cebu. She would like to go to Mindanao to visit her 3 younger children, but is happy that she has found some work in Cebu.

As a sewer, she is so willing to sew whatever she is asked to sew. She is currently sewing the 3x2x1 juice pack bags and wallets.

  • How she got started in this livelihood project:

Rosalia is the aunt to a previous employee of Ginapadala. Her nephew Glemar inspected products for Ginapadala International. When an order came from Work of Your Hand, Rosaila was one of the first sewers to benefit from it.

Update July 2011

Unfortunately we have lost track of Rosalia N. as she is no longer working with Work of Your Hand.