Meet Ofelia

  • Having a difficult time keeping her children in school.

Ofelia is a single parent with four children. She lives in a squatter community near Quezon City in the Philippines. She has a small business — a sari-sari convenience store that sells candy, rice, cooking oil, sugar, coffee, etc. The concept behind sari-sari is that items are sold in units instead of whole packages. For example, for those who cannot afford to purchase a whole bag of sugar can purchase smaller quantities like 2 teaspoons.

  •  How she got started in this livelihood project:

In October 2011, Work of Your Hand requested good quality bags made out of upcycled coffee bags from a local non-profit organization committed to sharing and living out the Gospel among women caught in prostitution. One of the trainees at the organization knew that Ofelia knew how to sew and recommended her. Unfortunately, that trainee is no longer with the organization and we therefore do not have any more information about Ofelia.