Meet Ofelia


This single mother lives in a squatter community in the Philippines, where she runs a small convenience store. Called a “sari-sari shop”, Ofelia’s store sells food items in units, rather than in bulk; that way, people who cannot afford a bag of rice and are forced to live day-to-day for food and necessities can purchase small, more affordable amounts of food.

Ofelia was struggling to make ends meet when she became a trainee with our partner in the Philippines; under their direction, the young woman learned how to make a variety of products out of recycled coffee bags, which Work of Your Hand then purchased and sold in North America to pay Ofelia’s wage.

Ofelia only worked with us for a short time, but our hope is that the income from her work and her newfound sewing skills will open doors of opportunity for her and her children in the future.

Thank you for partnering with artisans like Ofelia and for changing lives, one purchase at a time.