Meet Myrna


Myrna’s story is a painful reminder that the world of extreme poverty is one of desperation.

We first worked with the young Filipino woman in 2011, when she was hired to sew products out of recycled coffee bags for Work of Your Hand. We hoped to provide Myrna with a long term source of alternative income so that she did not have to return to her work in the sex trade.

Soon after we met her, Myrna gave birth to a baby—a beautiful gift from God that also added more financial strain to the young mother’s life.

Then Myrna moved away and we lost contact with her.

We are aware of the temptation to return to the sex trade in times of desperation, and fear that Myrna is once again being exploited. Please pray for her and her child.

That’s why we do the work we do: because each work order for handicrafts and each product sold in North America is another opportunity for an impoverished person to better provide for themselves with the dignity they deserve.

Thank you for joining us in changing lives, one purchase at a time.