Meet Ly

  • Spared from a life of prostitution…

Ly is a 15 year old Vietnamese girl who lives with her parents in Cambodia. Her father is a carpenter. She used to work in a coffee shop and wore revealing clothes; this type of coffee shop is a stepping stone into prostitution; fortunately, a C&MA missionary was able to help Ly get out of the coffee shop. She now attends a Christian school, and in her spare time, Ly makes greeting cards to earn an income for her family.  More importantly, Ly learned about Jesus and she accepted Him as her personal Lord and Savior. Ly dreams of working in a beauty salon when she is older and desires to continue serving the Lord.

Update July 2014

Ly is only 15 years old and yet she is getting married this summer to a 30 year old man.  Her sister is one year older and was married last year and is expecting her first child.  Ly was forced her to quit school soon after we saw her last year and instead was told to attend to the family doing all the cooking, cleaning and laundry as well as garbage picking for income.  We are thankful that she has not been sold to a brothel and yet we are sorry that she is getting married to give her family some money.