Meet Linh P.

  • Needs a stable and sufficient income to support his family and help continue his studies.

Linh is a 19 year old Vietnamese who lives with his 5 siblings and parents on a floating village on a lake in Cambodia. From a young age, Linh had been catching fish to support his family. He worked 6 -7 days a week from early morning to evening and lived a simple life on the lake without electricity or clean water. As an illegal Vietnamese immigrant in Cambodia, he was not allowed to attend school. Therefore, he barely spoke Khmer, the official Cambodian language, and did not know how to read Vietnamese. Four years ago, a missionary started a Vietnamese school to teach the Vietnamese language for those kids living in the floating village and he became one of the students. He loved studying, so after only one year he could read and write very well. Moreover, he became a Christian and became a church leader. His dream is to be a teacher, teaching God’s word and serving God.

  • How he got started in this livelihood project:

A missionary who served the Vietnamese in Cambodia saw the poverty and destitution of Vietnamese people and brought her awareness of the need of education and training skills for children, youth and adults. She connected with Work of Your Hand for the greeting card project. Linh is one of the youth in this project. This greeting card project will help him to receive a fair wage, financially support his family for basic commodities, and allow him to continue his studies.

  • May 2013 Update:

Due to family complications, Linh is unfortunately no longer able to make cards for WYH. Please pray for him to continue seeking Christ during this challenging time.