Meet Laiy

Laiy lives in a single parent home, her brother is the only one who works to support the family. The house they live in leaks when it rains and they cannot afford to fix it. She trusts in Jesus that he will look after her and her family. She is still in school and hopes to one day become a nurse.

My name is Laiy. I am 16 years old. I have two siblings and I am the second daughter. I have believed in Jesus for 3 years now. My parents got divorced when we were young and since then my mother is the only one who works and earns money to support my family. After a while, my mother became very sick. She was diagnosed with arthritis and we didn’t have money to bring her to the hospital for treatment. So my brother decided to quit school and work as a construction worker when he was 15 years old. And now he is the one who works and supports my family instead of my mother. He also buys my mother’s medicine for her. Because our lives are so difficult, I also made the decision to quit school but my mother encouraged me to keep going to school. We can’t afford to build a nicer house or even fix the one we have. And when it rains at night, my family and I have to wait until it stops then we can go to sleep because there are lots of holes in the wall and the roof is also leaking. I want to be a nurse in my future and this is what my mother is expecting me to be. I hope that one day, my mother will be healed in the name of Christ. I also hope to see my family would get better one day. I believe that God will answer my prayers. I am so thankful to him that he has given me hope and he wipes all my tears. We have joy in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!