Meet Kim Ai.


When we met this energetic, hard-working Cambodian teenager, it was hard to believe the adversities she had faced in her short life.

When Kim was just two years old, her mother died and her father—unable to care for her—placed the little girl in the home of relatives.

Kim was forced to work all day while she lived with her relatives and was always at risk of being sold to a brothel, rather than continue living on her extended family’s generosity.

Then, when she was just 13 years old, Kim was taken to a shelter and left there to survive—without any job skills to provide for herself.

Abandoned and desperate, Kim began working in karaoke bars, where she encouraged customers to drink more alcohol and spend more money. Kim herself ate only one meal a day and drank way too much alcohol.

That’s when an international worker met Kim and introduced her to Jesus.

The transformation in Kim was hard to believe: she left the bars and began working for Work of Your Hand making greeting cards, all with the hope that she could one day afford schooling to become a pastor or a teacher who could help other impoverished people.

The wage from the cards that Kim made was helping her achieve those goals.

Sadly, due to personal reasons, the young woman chose to stop working for us and moved back to Phnom Penh. Though we’ve lost contact with Kim, we continue to pray for her and hope that she continues to love Jesus and pursue jobs that give her the dignity and wages she deserves.

Thank you for joining with us in prayer for Kim, and for partnering with us to change lives like hers, one purchase at a time.