Meet Kan

This 16-year-old may only have a grade six education, but she’s talented and has great artistic potential.

Because of her family’s poverty and the distance between her school and home, Kan had to drop out of school. Since then, she’d scavenged at the garbage dump, working ten hours a day.

The young woman earns as little as $1.25 daily.

Thankfully, we are partnering with Kan to provide her with an alternative, more fair income. Through our partnership with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), Kan has the resources and training she needs to make greeting cards.

Then, Work of Your Hand orders and purchases a bulk shipment of cards that are sent to North America and sold. The income from those cards go to Kan and help her make ends meet.

Thank you for partnering with women like Kan. Your purchase of a simple gift like a greeting card is changing lives, one purchase at a time. Click here to learn more about the cards that are made in Kan’s village, and to purchase an order.