Meet Jerry P.

  • Lives next to a creek that gives off a pungent stench and flooding occurs often during the rainy season.

Jerry is in his twenties and is the second youngest of eight siblings.  His father passed away more than 10 years ago and his mother worked hard to support the family by cleaning the laundry. Now the older six are married and so there are three of them living together.  However, Jerry is also helping to meet the family’s needs by cleaning houses and especially when livelihood orders come through Work of Your Hand International Development.  He prepares used juice packs as materials to have them made into bags, wallets and other up-cycled products.  He provides quality control on finished products, checking to ensure high standards.

  • How he got started in this livelihood project:

Several months ago, his church offered training on how to create paper bead products and Jerry grabbed the opportunity to learn the skill.  In November of 2011, WYH requested some paper bead products and he was very happy and eager to help fulfill the order.

  • August 2012 Update

It was good to visit Jerry in the midst of rainy season and understand the conditions of their environment. Living near the creek, he takes it upon himself to ensure that the equipment in the church is put away when the flood waters rise. His church floods approximately seven times a year. Unfortunately the flood waters came faster than expected and the speakers were destroyed.

Jerry continues to make paper bead jewellery for Work of Your Hand. He uses that to support his family which now includes a new wife! Yes, Jerry got married! Congratulations to Jerry and Karin!

  • May 2013 Update

Jerry and his wife, Karin, are currently learning how to sew; they both sew juice boxes together on Work of Your Hand’s juice box products and are really improving their skills! Furthermore, a huge congratulations to Jerry and Karin, as they are expecting their first child!