Meet Jenibe P.

  • Now she can feed her family.

Jenibe is the mother of three young children and is thankful for this job, which supplements her family’s meagre income. Jenibe says this about her life, “Angelito and I work together to overcome life’s difficulties because we know that our kids are our treasures. Our children are smart. Sometimes we cannot provide for their needs so we talk to them about our situation and they understand. We live a simple life, and we are grateful for whatever blessings we receive.”

Since Angelito is not making much money, they have difficulty providing for their children and are sometimes tempted to accept work that is not dignified. She says she wouldt have been unable to buy food and provide money for her kids, if she didn’t have the opportunity to create bags for Work of Your Hand.”

  • How she got started in this livelihood project:

A local organizaiton recognized that Jenibe needed money to provide for her family, so they asked her to use her sewing skills in the coffee bag livelihood project, that was started through Work of Your Hand.

Unfortunately, because Jenibe could not find anyone to care for her children, she was unable to continue in the training program and stopped in January of 2010.