Meet Glee A.

  • A great business woman.

Ate (auntie) Glee lives in the graveyard community called Lorega, on the island of Cebu. She is in her sixties and has 9 grown children and many grandchildren. Although she was a housewife, when her husband could no longer support the family, she helped out by sewing rags. In 2003, she was introduced to SAFARI Company, which made shopping bags out of juice packs. Soon afterwards, she left the company and began sewing and designing her own bags. That’s when she met the founder of Ginapadala International.

The work Ginapadala provided for Ate Glee, helped her renovate her house. She was able to replace the metal scraps with hollow brick, get electricity and water, as well as o purchase a high-speed sewing machine, washing machine, sound system and television.

“When asked how this venture helped her, she said,“It helped me and my family cope with poverty.”

  • How this venture has helped multiple people:

Who would have imagined that Ate Glee’s meeting with Canadian Christian missionary, Rhonda Wilson, and her bag designs would help form the foundation of Ginapadala International. Rhonda recognized that this business venture could help more than one family. It had the potential to support several sewers in multiple communities.

Through the Lord’s empowerment, Ate Glee was able to teach interested individuals how to sew, which allowed them to work in sewing companies within Cebu, as well as help with large orders.

Rhonda searched out local and Canadian markets for selling of the bags and Work of Your Hand became one of their partners.

Ate Glee is most thankful for the abilities that God has given her and assure her clients of the quality of workmanship in each products she makes.  “I will be happy to have them as my customers because then I will be able to help my family rise from poverty.”

Update July 2011

Unfortunately we have lost track of Glee A. as she is no longer working with Work of Your Hand.