Meet Elsa F.


We met Elsa during a very difficult time in her life. The Filipina’s husband had recently suffered a stroke and lost his job as a security guard at a local bank.

At first, Elsa could shoulder the financial burden through her work as a seamstress. But then the company she worked for went bankrupt, and Elsa was left scrambling for odd jobs to feed her family.

That’s when we met her.

With her skill at intricate sewing designs, Elsa became the principle seamstress for our juice pack wallets. While she sewed for Work of Your Hand, Elsa’s husband slowly recovered and her children were able to continue their schooling. In fact, her oldest daughter received first class honours in her sophomore year of high school.

In 2011, Elsa moved on to different employment. At a critical moment in Elsa’s life, we were in need of her excellent seamstress skills, while she was in need of fair employment.

We are thankful for the time we shared together. Thank you for empowering women in crisis like Elsa, and for changing their lives, one purchase at a time.