Bing R.

  • Struggling to support her ten children.

Bing is in her forties and has ten children; seven are students. Her husband has an unstable income as a construction worker. They struggle to make enough money to provide food and schooling for their children. Their ten kids go to the lunch feeding program regularly, in order to get additional food.

Although she has the ability to sew, she spends most of her time making rugs/doormats because it is an easier way to earn money, even if it’s just a small income of 100 ($2.50 CDN) pesos a day.

  • How she got started in this livelihood project:

Bing is very appreciative of the fair wage that she receives from this sewing work. She learned about this project from the pastor at the local church, who was leading the feeding program. The increased income is beneficial to meeting her family’s basic  needs.

Every time an order comes in from this livelihood project, she temporarily stops her rug making business and places the highest priority in fulfilling the order.

  • June 2010 Update

Usually before a new school year begins, Bing has difficulty paying for tuition and supplies.  However, this year due to the extra income from orders placed by Work of Your Hand, she had no concerns.

  • August 2012 Update

We had an amazing visit with Bing and her children. In fact, we hardly recognized her because she was so cheerful, gained considerable weight (which is a good thing there), and moved into a much nicer place. She went from being one of the poorest in the community, having to send her children to feeding programs, to one of the more wealthier in the community. She thanked us for our help and we want to thank you for supporting mothers like Bing.

  • May 2013 Update

When we visited with Bing, she told us that she is in a better place and has a better life thanks to Work of Your Hand. She is now the President of the housing committee in her area, and because she has been helped, she now wants to give back and help others in her community. Way to go, Bing!