Meet Avelina P.

This Filipina mother of two worked as a seamstress for export companies, which required her to be away from home in order to provide for her family.

Then, her husband was sent to prison for illegal logging. Desperate for money, he’d agreed to transport it without a permit. An unexpected check stop resulted in a court date, a four year conviction, and a 50,000 peso fine (approximately $1,250 CAD).

His imprisonment was devastating for Avelina’s family.

Then Avelina met a seamstress who happened to be sewing for our partner organization in the Philippines. Avelina began sewing for them too, and we began purchasing her bags to pay her wages.

The wife and mother shared that her dream was to pay for her children’s university education, as well as her husband’s fine. We were honoured to partner with her in that goal for a time.
Since 2011, Avelina has moved on to different employment. However, we wish her all the best as she provides for her family and pursues her dreams.