Meet Andy William A.

When Andy was in first grade, both his parents died and his grandparents took him in. The young Filipino began working when he was just 12 years old, and it was there that Andy learned how to weave “rattan”—the long stems of climbing palm trees—into furniture.

Though Andy continued to work, he hadn’t seen the end of his troubles. First, he went through a divorce. And though he later remarried and had two children, the little family struggled to afford their basic needs.

Then, in 2009, Andy lost his job.

That’s when our partner organization discovered his weaving skills—and that’s how Andy became connected with Work of Your Hand.

“This work will help meet our needs and finance basic commodities,” Andy told us when he began weaving baskets for Work of Your Hand. “It might even allow our family to spend some leisure time together and go on an outing.”

For a time, Andy worked with us. However, the young man has since chosen to move on to different employment. While he is no longer making products for Work of Your Hand, we wanted to share his story and we wish him the best.