About Us

Work of Your Hand began with a dream, where we envisioned trade and compassion partnering together to transform people and communities. In 2009, that dream became a reality.

Today, Work of Your Hand purchases handicrafts and provides a fair wage to artisans across Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, and more. We are convinced that trade, more than aid, will be the driving force for justice in our poverty-stricken world.

Through compassion for struggling people and the power of employment, we are firsthand witnesses of the innate talents and abilities, dignity, and worth of human beings who simply need to be empowered with opportunities to succeed.

At Work of Your Hand, we know that many North Americans share our conviction. That’s why we’re creating markets that connect compassionate, aware consumers like you with marginalized people. We believe the best way to fight against poverty is to fight together.

By purchasing products from Work of Your Hand, you are making a sustainable, long-term investment in our artisans. That wage will help a parent put food on the table, a child attend school, a family receive medical care, and an artisan pursue vocational training that will open countless doors of opportunity.

Thank you for joining the movement. Together, we can alleviate poverty, one purchase at a time.